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~,~- <br />J <br />POWERTECIi (USA) INC. '/ <br />June 23, 2008 <br />Zoc~~- ~ ~-3~ <br />Allen C. Sorenson <br />Senior Environmental Protection Specialist <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety ~/ RE~iE~VED <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 p~ C' ~ ~ <br />JUN 2 4 2008 <br />Dear Mr. Sorenson: DIVISIO(1 of ReClanlatl0n~ <br />Mining and Safety <br />Transmittal <br />Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting ~~~~%~~~ ~.'~r ~e~s ,-,e°'"`m '''~'~ <br />Centennial and Indian Springs Projects <br />Weld County, Colorado <br />Powertech (USA) Inc. (Powertech) submits this Notice of Intent (NOI) to Conduct Prospecting in <br />connection with the Centennial and Indian Springs Projects in Weld County, Colorado ('the Projects). As <br />required, this NOI consists of the following components: <br />• One signed and completed NOI form with maps and attachments. <br />• One unbound copy of the original N01 form with maps and attachments. <br />• Application fee of $86.00. <br />As described in this NOI, the proposed prospecting activities will consist of drilling ten (10) holes that <br />range from 160-900 feet below ground surface. Eight (8) of the holes consist of exploration boreholes <br />and the remaining two (2) will be completed as groundwater monitoring wells (Attachrent A - <br />Exploration borehole and monitoring well characteristics, Attachment B -Location Map, and <br />Attachment C -Exploration borehole and monitoring well location information). As the proposed <br />exploration borehole and monitoring well locations are adjacent to existing roads, no new roads will be <br />constructed as part of this prospecting effort. <br />As discussed in your conversation with Michael Beshore, Powertech-Senior Environmental Coordinator <br />on June 20, 2008, Powertech will submit Financial Warranty and the applicable warranty form <br />immediately following a determination by the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mininlg, and Safety as <br />to the amount of surety required for the proposed activities. <br />We have targeted July 15, 2008 for the initiation of these activities. If you have any question or require <br />additional information, please contact us at (303)790-7528. <br />S' y Yours, ~ ~~.~ <br />ichard E. Blubaugh <br />Vice President-Environmental Health & Safety Resources <br />5575 DTC Parkway, Suite 140 Telephone: 303-790-7528 Website: <br />Greenwood Village, CO 80111 USA Facsimile: 303-790-3885 Email: info@powertechur< <br />