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jbf environmental consultants, inc. <br />8160 South Highland Drive 9 Sandy, Utah 84093 [P] 801.943.4144 [F] 801.942.1852 <br />May 20, 2008 <br />Mr. Russ Means <br />Grand Junction Field Office <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety <br />101 South 3rd, Suite 301 <br />Grand Junction, CO 81501 <br />970-243-6368 <br />r <br />MAY 2 12008 <br />GRAND JUN, lOta FIELD OFFICE <br />DIvISION OF <br />RECLAMATION MIN4,NG & SAFETY <br />RE: Notice of Intent for Prospecting Hard Rock Minerals, Sites P-1 through P-4, Uravan <br />Area <br />Dear Mr. Means: <br />Enclosed are four (4) Notice of Intent (NOI) packages for your review and approval to allow <br />Yellowcake Mining, Inc. to commence exploratory drilling in Montrose County in Township 48 <br />North, Range 18 West, on BLM land. <br />Each NOI packet includes the following: <br />Completed NOI form with Appendices <br />Map of drill site and surrounding area <br />Application fee of $86 per drill site <br />A single, statewide bond for operations on BLM land is being procured to cover reclamation <br />liability for the ten sites. Form "M:\min\share\BLM Bond Forms\Statewide Pros FW BLM Cash <br />(10/9/07)" will be submitted once the final bond amount is agreed upon. <br />Please review the enclosed information and let me know at your earliest convenience if you <br />need any further information. Thank you. <br />Sincerely, <br />Ms Marit Sawyer <br />Permitting Specialist <br />JBR Environmental Consultants <br />encl: NOI packages for Sites P-1 through P-4 <br />xc: Dick Klatt - Yellowcake Mining, Inc., 951 E 8800 S Sandy, UT 84094 - w/ enclosures <br />Ryan Clerico, Linda Matthews - JBR Environmental Consultants - w/ one set of <br />enclosures <br />Boise, Idaho Butte, Montana Elko, Nevada <br />Corporate Office • Sandy, Utah St. George, Utah <br />Reno, Nevada Eugene, Oregon Medford, Oregon