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STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIYiSt{)N OF RE[lAR1AT10{~!, MthlrrtitG AIVD SAFETY <br />r)('(iafirnC nt <if Natural Rescxircas <br />131:3 Sharman $t., Rnorn 215 <br />ftenver, Colorado 802(}3 <br />Phone: 1.303} 8fi6-:35fi7 <br />FAX: (303) 832-8f06 <br /> <br />al \ <br />Form 2 <br />Public infoemation only <br />For public Filing <br />' . .@ <br />COLOtiA.bC) <br />DI V[titnN Ci[ <br />F~ECL.A.M.ATIC);'r3 <br />MINING <br />_~_ <br />SAFETY <br />Hill Ritter, fr. <br />Gnvernor <br />Harris G. Sherman <br />NOTICE OF INTENT TO CUNDtiCT PROSPECTING OPERAT[ONS Rare,;ld tit. C'attanv <br />FOR HARD ROCKl~IETAL MINES [)IVSS~c:i~ Olreccc;r <br />I~i8l.tital {Zif.>Ot7r[le hrUStel! <br />GENERAL: <br />To conduct prospecting activities in the State of Colorado, a person or organization must file a Notice of Lntent to conduct <br />Prospecting Operations (NOI or Prospecting Notice} and provide a financial warranty for the prospecting operations to the <br />Mined Land Reclamation Board (NLRB or I3oard}. Ail prospecting operations must comply with the Colorado Mined Land <br />Reclamation Act, as amended (34-32-IOl et seq. C.R.S.), and the Colorado Mined I.,and Reclamation Board Hard <br />Rock/Metal Mines Rules a.nd Regulations 2 CCR 407-1 and amendments to those nrles ("Rules"). This NOI form is for all <br />minerals except coal and construction materials. 'The Division shall determine (where there is a question] if an operation is <br />prospecting or mining. <br />The New Law: <br />Senate Bill (SB) 228 became law on. June 2, 2008. <br />SB 228 t-evised portions of C.R.S. 34-32-113 pertaining to confidentiality and filing requirements of <br />Prospecting Notices. <br />Certain aspects of Prospecting Notices will no longer be confidential. <br />As revised, C.R.S. 34-32-1.1.3 (3}now requires, in part, that "All information provided to the .Board in a <br />notice of intent to conduct prospecting or a modification of such. a notice is a matter of public record subject <br />to the Open .Records Act, Part 2 of Article 72 of'I'it.le 24, C..R.S., including, in the ease of a modification, the <br />original notice of intent; except that i.nfotm.atiott relating to the n.t.ineral deposit: location., size, or nature and, <br />as determined by rho Board, other infocrrtation designated by fhe operator as proprietary or trade, secrets t)r <br />that wotttcl cause substantial borne. to the competitive position. ol'th.e operator shall lie protected as <br />confidential information. by the Board. acrd shall. not be a matter of public record in. the absence of a written <br />release from. tlt.e operator or until a Ending by the Board that reclamation. is satisfactory. Such. information <br />designated as exempt shall remain confidential until. a final. determination. by the Board°'. if the Board <br />determines that information is not confidential, the Division shall treat it as public information thirty (3U) <br />days from the Board's written ardor. <br />C.R.S. 34-32-11.3 (9) now requires that the applicant provide t.h.e N01 in an ele:etronic version in addition. to <br />the paper fEtrrrt and that I)12a'IrIS past t)ct the .DT's=tsttYtt's webStte the iVC31. upon Subrtl.t.ttal. Spectflcally, this <br />subsection st:atc~s; "LlpotT. th.f~ submittal. of a notice of iTtt~~ttt to conduct prosl)ectin.g c)r a. ttcodific.ati.c>n of such. at <br />notice, the person strbtttitt:in.g such. notice ar ntocliticati(~cl 5ha11 gT"vc act electronic version of the T3otice or <br />Office cif C1#fic:e of <br />i~4ined land Re~ci:~n?atior7 l:)enver C;rrnti junction ihuan~o Act:iv:> and Inactive. ~dlrres <br />