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' ` ' ,r, <br />B A <br />Environmental Consultants <br />July 2, 2008 <br />Beb-9su~tald G 1 u ss ~'1 ~~ '~ <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />State of Colorado <br />Durango Field Office <br />701 Camino Del Rio Room 315 <br />Durango, CO 81301 <br />Helen Mary Johnson <br />San Juan Public Lands Center <br />Bureau of Land Management <br />15 Burnett Court <br />Durango, CO 81301 <br />RE: Revised Submissions -Homeland Uranium <br />Vex Notice of Intent - (P-20,08-022) <br />Dry Creek Notice of Intent - (P-2006-030) <br />Dear Bob and Helen: <br />2580 Creekview Road <br />~~~ <br />Moab, Utah 84532 <br />435-719-2018 43.5-719-2019 Fax <br />~~~~~~ <br />~~~ 2 5 2ooa <br />Division ofia d S fia ety n, <br />tJlining <br />~~~~~~> <br />~~ <br />~s o0 <br />~;rQ~°f~;a ? ~ <br />:, ~. <br />.~a. '`'. ~~; <br />d>`~ . ~~r.,. <br />~~~ <br />K <br />~~ ~. <br />On behalf of Homeland Uranium, Inc. Buys $ Associates, Inc. respectfully submits the attached revised <br />signed Prospecting NOI with Proposed Action and supplemental information to reflect changes requested <br />to our proposal as outlined below: <br />o Change from 10' to 12' wide travel routes; <br />o Increase Dry Creek pad size to 75' to 100' to accommodate for spoils piles; <br />o Include previously approved disturbance at Dry Creek within the modified application; <br />o Extend surface plug cement to a depth of 20'; <br />o Updated disturbance estimates based on the wider road and larger pad size <br />Only the revised application and proposed action have been included because the submitted maps and <br />related attachments remain unchanged at this time. A CD containing our electronic files for the project <br />and apre-construction photo portfolio has also been included to supplement our previous submission. <br />Thank you very much for your timely consideration of our submitted applications. Please feel free to <br />contact myself or John Quigley of Homeland Uranium, Inc. at 970-261-6100 should you have any <br />questions or need additional information. <br />Sincerely, <br />De.. 1Ja,,;d~. <br />Don Hamilton <br />Agent for Homeland Uranium, Inc. <br />Enc. <br />cc: John Quigley, Homeland Uranium, Inc. <br />~~ <br />ORIGINAL <br />