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~~ <br />Buys & Associates, Inc. <br />2580 Creek View Road <br />Moab, Utah 84532 <br />Attn: Don Hamilton <br />Don: <br />;Timberline <br />Eng?veering & Land Surveying <br />38 West 100 North - PO Box 1580, Vernal, Utah 84078 <br />Office (435)789-1365 Fax (435) 789-1366 <br />p_a.v~,g-oil, cul~~~~ c~lcu`~-~~~Ns <br />e <br />JUN 2 3 2008 '~ <br />GRAND JUNi l iva a '."e~;.,.1 iri ` icy <br />D!VlSdC~s~: ~~;. <br />RECLAMATION Mi~'N~ ~ SAFETY <br />June 13, 2008 <br />I calculated the culvert siz f r the drainage crossing located in Section 17, Township 48 North, Range <br />17 West, NMPM and shown on the attached map. Based on the data I have, a 48" cmp culvert will <br />handle the 10 yr. 24 hr. storm event. <br />If you have any questions, please give me a call. Thank you. <br />~Bl/L ~Lx~~Na~tJY(. ~or <br />John S. Wood, PE <br />G31~~~~~'~® <br />JUN 3 0 2008 <br />Division or ~ reclamation, <br />AAining and Safety <br />~~ <br />