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APR-9-2088 09:55A FR(JM:RPM 303 668 3852 70:3838328186 P.1 <br />REGULATORY PERMITS MANAGEMENT, INC. <br />7425 Winter Berry Ln., Castlc Rock, Colorado 80108 <br />Phone: (303} 854-7499 .FAX: (303} 660-3852 <br />April 9, 2008 <br />lvls. Erica Crosby <br />Co{orado .Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />Room 215 <br />1313 Sherman St. <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />RE: Request to extend NOl deadline an additions! sixty days, File No. P-2007-069 ~ <br />Dear Ms Crosby: <br />This is a request to extend the decision deadline for the NOI that COAL, Corp. has filed with the Division, file Na. <br />p-2007-069. We are requesting the extension in order to complete construction of the shaft closures and placement. <br />This will allow the bond to be less and will meet the Division's desire to have protective devices over the two shafts. <br />Thank you for your time and patience. <br />/ !' ~ ` <br />H. Bruce Humphries <br />Consultant for COAG, Corp. <br />cc: Mr. Mickey E. Fouts, Chr. & CEO <br />COAG CORPORATION c% <br />Equity Services Company, LLC. <br />200 S. Wilcox St. #402 <br />Castle Rock, CO $0104 <br />