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~ III IIIIIIIIIIIII III ~ <br />PARKERSON CONSTRUCTION, INC. <br />710 South IS'" Street <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 <br />Mr. Bob Oswald <br />Division of Minerals and Geology <br />Durango Field Office <br />484 Turner Drive, Building F-101 <br />Durango, Colorado 81301 <br />May 13, 1998 <br />DEfvy`~~ ~3Ff'i(~E <br />i'I;EiLiC t=iLE C®PY 5 1.,99 <br />FILE: ~-8~- ~~~' o~-art~o Field cPfi:;s <br />SITE: 3 I Iz ~. p i ~ ohdtlon of Mincr~'; u G~s'a~y <br />Received <br />MAY i ~ <br />Re: 31 Road Pit, Permit No. M-87-178 <br />Amendment Application AM-Ol <br />Proof of Filing with Mesa County Clerk and Recorder <br />Dear Mr. Oswald: <br />Enclosed is adate-stamped copy of the letter I placed today with the Mesa County Clerk <br />and Recorder. The documents placed for public review include photocopies of your adequacy <br />review letter of April I5, 1998 and Parkerson's response letter of May 8, 1998. Copies of the <br />revised E,~cltibits C and F maps and my letter to you of May 12'x, were also included. <br />Please call if you have any questions. <br />Yours truly, <br />Milton G. Derrick <br />AP <br />