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DNR COLORADO <br /> CO • <br /> Division of Reclamation, <br /> Mining and Safety <br /> 1313 Sherman Street, Room 215 <br /> Denver, CO 80203 <br /> December 21, 2018 <br /> Stephen Peck <br /> 1493 High Street <br /> Georgetown, CO 80444 <br /> Re: Empire Aggregate, Inc.; Douglas Mountain Mine; DRMS File No. M-2018-016; Notice of <br /> Objection Process for Application Amendment(AM-01) <br /> Stephen Peck, <br /> The Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety(Division) received your letter of objection for the <br /> Construction Materials 112 Reclamation Permit Application Amendment (AM-01)for the Douglas <br /> Mountain Mine, File No. M-2018-016. The Division considers your letter to be a formal objection to the <br /> Douglas Mountain Mine Construction Materials 112 Reclamation Permit Application Amendment. The <br /> objection letter was forwarded to the Applicant for their consideration. <br /> The Division appreciates you taking time to participate in the review process of the above referenced <br /> permit application amendment. The application amendment for the Douglas Mountain Mine was filed <br /> with the Division on October 29, 2018 by Empire Aggregate, Inc. The review period for the application is <br /> currently scheduled to end on January 28, 2019. <br /> An explanation of the Division's review process,your rights as either a party or a non-party, and the <br /> jurisdiction of the Mined Land Reclamation Board (Board), is provided in the 12-page memorandum, <br /> Guide to Citizen Participation, dated October 2, 2001, revised January 12, 2006,which is available <br /> through the Division's website at, specifically through the following link: <br /> me nts/112processmemoFinal.pdf. <br /> The Division will provide notice of the dates for the Pre-Hearing Conference and the Formal Board <br /> Hearing under separate cover. <br /> If you have any questions, please contact me at or(303) 866-3567 Ext.8124. <br /> Sincere , <br /> Peter S. Hays <br /> Environmental Protection Specialist <br /> `*('10 <br /> 1313 Sherman Street, Room 215, Denver, CO 80203 P 303.866.3567 F 303.832.8106 * v* <br /> John W. Hickenlooper, Governor I Robert Randall, Executive Director I Virginia Brannon, Director w/8'76*; <br />