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To. 'DRMS Den Page 1 of 2 2018-10-22 19.50:13 (GMT) 13032008630 From Ben Langenfe-d <br />FAX COVER SHEET <br />TO <br />'DRMS Den <br />COMPANY <br />FAX NUMBER <br />13038328106 <br />FROM <br />BenLangenfeld <br />DATE <br />2018-10-2219:50:00 GMT <br />RE <br />M-2018-016 App Page 4 <br />COVER MESSAGE <br />T : Deter Hayes <br />Plese+nelude the attached revised DRMS application form page 4 in the M- <br />2018-016 file for the Douglas Mountain Ranch Mine. <br />Ben Langenfeld, P.E. <br />Greg Lewicki and Associates <br />3375 W Powers Circle <br />Littleton, CO 80123 <br />benl@lewicki. biz<mailto: bent@lewicki. biz> <br />Office: (720) 842-5321 <br />Cell: (303) 960-5613 <br />WWW EFAx coni <br />RECEIVED <br />OCT 2 3 20 18 <br />DMSION OF RECLAMATION <br />MINING AND SAFETY <br />