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LEGEND <br />OUNDARIES <br />lining claim or property boundary <br />Incorporated city or equivalent <br />Federally administered area <br />I <br />Map C-213 Mining Plan 15 YR <br />Douglas Mountain Mine SEP I anI8 <br />Douglas Mountain Rancif"IsNNOFRFCLAMA,IVG AND SAFETy <br />Mine Entry Location: Latitude: 39.7578 Longitude: -105.6694 N <br />State: Colorado County: Clear Creek Nearest Town: Empire (< 0.5 miles) <br />Section: 27, 28 Township: 3S Range: 74W PM: 6th <br />Major Watershed: Clear Creek 0 100 200 <br />Map Scale: 1": 100 1 <br />Map Georeferencing Information: Datum: NAD83 Projection: Colorado State Plane Central <br />Survey Source: Google Survey Date: 2013 <br />Imagery Source: Google Imagery Date: 2013 <br />Drawn by: BEL Date: 07/10/16 <br />Checked by: BEL Date: 07/05/18 <br />Approved by: BEL Date, 07/05/18 <br />File Name: E:\Work\Dropbox\Douglas Mountain Ranch\AutoCAD\DMR Empire 180820.dWg <br />Greg Lewicki And Associates <br />3375 W Powers Circle Phone (303)-346-5196 <br />Littleton, CO 80123 E -Mail - <br />: <br />