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RECEIVED <br />6/10/2018 JUN 1,5 2818 <br />To Colorado State Agencies and Clear Creek County Agencies: oOftiv0FR C 1AtIpN <br />Subject: Permit�tliA2018016 Douglas Mountain Mine Project 5,gF�c�, <br />My name is Margi Kasparl. I am a fulltime resident of Clear Creek County. I am part of a group of concerned citizens who are in <br />opposition to the development of a strip mining operation in our county. i would like to share my concerns and objections <br />regarding the proposed development of the Douglas Mountain Mining Operation in Gear Creek County which would be located at <br />or near Section 28, Township 3S, Range74W, 60 Principle Meridian in Clear Creek County: namely Empire Junction and westward to <br />the town of Empire. <br />Water Issues: <br />Here are just a few of the detrimental effects of this 150 acre, 200 feet deep gravel pit operation. This proposed operation will <br />damage/deplete the local water systems of Bard Creek, Mad Creek and Clear Geek. The water table on the plateau is also very <br />shallow thereby contaminating ground water and natural springs. The amount of water needed to run this type of operation would <br />be astronomical. We are constantly in the midst of a drought here in Colorado and the foreseeable future looks no better. As <br />populations in the area continue to grow the increased demand for water in Gear Creek County and onward to the Front Range will <br />only increase. Allocating millions of gallons yearly for a strip mining operation is inappropriate and wasteful. <br />Wildlife issues: <br />Wildlife in the area would be extremely affected. Land erosion would be significant potentially contaminating Gear Creek with toxic <br />soil and chemicals thereby disturbing/destroying the fish habitat which includes the endangered Greenback cutthroat that have <br />been reintroduced to this area. The wildlife that lives on/near the plateau would be devastated and potentially destroyed. Elk, <br />deer, moose and bear roam this plateau. Also thriving in this area is a substantial Big Born Sheep population whose range and <br />migratory patterns are well documented in the recent Colorado Parks and Wildlife report entitled "Population Estimation, Survival <br />Estimation and Range Delineation for the Georgetown Bighorn Sheep herd" dated Sept. 2015. This Is the largest Big Horn Sheep <br />population In the nation, not to mention our State animal. Do you really want to jeopardize their existence by allowing the <br />development of a mining operation in the midst of their habitat? <br />Air Pollution Issues: <br />The air pollution due to the massive amount of dust entering the environment through the strip mining operation and the hundreds <br />of trucks daily transporting materials would cause health issues for many residents. In particular, the Easter Seats Rocky <br />Mew I a Village Camp is directly across the highway from this potential strip mining operation. The dust and other pollutants will <br />negatively affect the 1200+ campers with special needs that attend this camp to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and the clean fresh air. <br />Many of these individuals deal with respiratory issues. Is jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of this sensitive population and the <br />potential closing of this Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village camp that was established in 1951 worth the risk? <br />The Douglas Mountain Mine development would destroy the only plateau in Clear Creek Countyl Our State and County is in need of <br />a positive, echo friendly, tourism friendly and wildlife friendly use for this land. Please, I am asking you to deny the establishment of <br />the Douglas Mountain Mine. <br />est Regards <br />€ a a i <br />Marg <br />303-842-6904 <br /> <br />Cc: Department of Reclamation Mining and Safety, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Board of supervisors—Soil and Conservation <br />District, State Board of land Commissioners, U.S. Army Core of Engineers, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Division <br />of Water Resources, Air Pollution Control Division, Clear Creek County Planning Commission, Gear Creek County Commissioners,. <br />