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?? V/ J D?'?Jr <br />5 (Form 2- Public) <br />G. Total project area to be disturbed 0.499 (acres) <br />H. Describe the equipment to be used for the prospecting operations: <br />&5?- 2_,I5)1z9- 00-2- <br />I? <br />f--za 252010 <br />DQ's/oh of Ar "*;'a "amatlo" <br />safe <br />1) Small, truck-mounted ratarv drill r_ig capable of borinq to 1,500 feet <br />2) Rigid frame water and or rod truck, single or dual rear axles, if needed <br />3) Support vehicle for drilling crew (3/4 ton 4x4 p/u truck or equivalent) <br />1. Describe and locate any structures to be constructed (i.e. stockpiles, ponds, impoundments): <br />The drill sites will have a nominal 10' x 10'x 3'catchment for cuttings/fluids. An earthen <br />ramp will be incorporated into the pit design to allow for animal egress. <br />J. Describe anticipated relationship to surface water and groundwater (proximity to streams, penetration of ground <br />water aquifers): <br />The drainages are ephemeral and flow only during heavy rainstorms or snow melt. <br />S AL <br />IV. OPERATION AND RECLAMATION MEASURES: <br />1. The Board suggests that a photographic record of the pre-prospecting and post-prospecting conditions be kept by the <br />prospector. These photos should be taken from the same location and by the same method to clearly show the pre-prospecting <br />condition of the land and the reclamation efforts. Upon completion of reclamation and request for bond or surety release, the <br />Board may consider the photos as evidence of adequate reclamation, and thus, be able to act more quickly on the request for <br />release. <br />2. Provide a description of the native vegetation of the area to be disturbed, including tree, shrub, and grass communities of the <br />area. Color photographs, sufficient to adequately represent the ecology of the site and adequately labeled (including date, <br />orientation and location), may be used in lieu of a written description. Based on the quality of the photographs, the Division <br />may require additional detail. <br />Pinon juniper forest, sagebrush, scrub oak and scarce ponderosa pine. The area is <br />grazed by range cattle. Please see Appendix A for a narrative of the proposed operational <br />and reclamation procedures. Photos of the proposed drill site are attacnea as Hppenaix t3 <br />