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so UNITED STATES <br />DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR <br />GEOLOGICAL SURVEY <br />4460 1/1 SE <br />TELLURIDE QUADRANGLE <br />COLORADO yys <br />7.5 MINUTE SERIES (TOPOGRAPHIC) uv°�� -P <br />NE /4 TELLURIDE 15' QUADRANGLE µI0 <br />.DD <br />an^ <br />)`Hr`I <br />37 <br />'52'30 " <br />?) Mapped, edited, and published by the Geological Survey <br />0 <br />Control by USGS and USC &GS <br />s <br />Topography from aerial photographs by multiplex methods <br />ruha Aerial photographs taken 19511952. Fiend check 1955 <br />Polyconic projection. 1927 North American datum <br />10,000 foot grid based on Colorado coordinate system, <br />south zone <br />Land lines are omitted in Ts. 42 and 43 N. R.9 W. because of <br />insufficient data and are omitted in Ts. 42 and 43 N. R.8 W. <br />because of alleged fraud or defects in the surveys <br />Unchecked elevations are shown in brown <br />1000 -metre Universal Transverse Mercator grid ticks, <br />zone 13, shown in blue <br />MN <br />GN[491W ° 1 °44 LS <br />31 MILS <br />UTM GRID AND 1955 MAGNETIC NORTH <br />DECLINATION AT CENTER Or SHEET <br />SCALE 1:24000 <br />2 0 1 MILE <br />1000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 FEET <br />1 .5 0 1 KILOMETRE <br />CONTOUR INTERVAL 40 FEET <br />NATIONAL GEODETIC VERTICAL DATUM OF 1929 <br />THIS MAP COMPLIES WITH NATIONAL MAP ACCURACY STANDARDS <br />FOR SALE BY U. S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, DENVER, COLORADO 80225, OR RESTON, VIRGINIA 22092 <br />A FOLDER DESCRIBING TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS AND SYMBOLS IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST <br />I <br />L �L <br />' T <br />�40� <br />ROAD CLASSIFICATION <br />Medium duty, .. _. Light duty ................ <br />Unimproved dirt <br />0 State Route <br />L Oeauo <br />TELLURIDE, COLO. <br />— <br />QUADRANGLE LOCATION <br />NE /4 TELLURIDE 15 QUADRANGLE <br />N3752.5— W10745/7.5 <br />1955 <br />AMS 4459 IV YE— SERIES V877 <br />I <br />L �L <br />' T <br />�40� <br />