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OF h <br />?S <br />In Reply Refer To: <br />1990(CONO 10) <br />COC73893 <br />BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT <br />Little Snake Field Office <br />455 Emerson Street <br />Craig, Colorado 81625-1129 <br /> <br />P-'?o') `1- al.S <br />December 1, 2009 <br />CERTIFIED MAIL - Return Receipt Requested - 7009 0080 0001 9031 0893 <br />Mr. Martin Bauer <br />Jubilee Venture LLC <br />19754 East Euclid Dr. <br />Centennial, CO 80016 <br />Dear Mr. Bauer: <br />6W141 <br />&E=i 1 <br />RECEIVED. <br />tNAMERICA <br />DEC 0 7 2009 <br />Division of Reclamation, <br />Mining and Safety <br />RC1 V Los.- ?q <br />DEC 0 5 2009 <br />GRAND.ii;l„t; i`iC 1, i- i:L D OFFICE <br />DIVi'SON OF <br />RFCLMIATIOi ,1-'01NNG & SAFETY <br />This letter is in response to your phone call of November 24, 2009 regarding your notice level operations in <br />Sec. 9, Township 9 North, Range 92 West, (Sec. 9, T 9 N, R 92 W.) for the mining claims CMC277048, <br />CMC277049, and CMC277050. Your activities are located within an area of overall sage grouse range and <br />severe winter range, therefore your notice level activities are authorized from July 1 to December 1. Regarding <br />your request for the location of the sage grouse lek in the vicinity of your operations, the BLM obtains the <br />Geographical Information System (GIS) data for Special Status Species from the Colorado Division of Wildlife <br />(DOW). The BLM does not share GIS data derived by DOW. You must contact the DOW for this <br />information. Be advised, the sage grouse is a BLM Special Status Species and is a candidate for the <br />Threatened and Endangered Species List. <br />Your Decision of Financial Guarantee Amount and Guidelines for Notices authorized you to drill a total of 40 <br />holes between July 1 and December 1. In accordance with the provisions at 43 CFR 3809.330(a), you may <br />submit a notice modification. Pursuant to 43 CFR 3809.331 you must modify your notice if the BLM requires <br />you to do so to prevent unnecessary or undue degradation; or if you plan to make material changes to your <br />operations. Material changes are changes that disturb areas not described in the existing notice; change your <br />reclamation plan; or result in impacts of a different kind, degree, or extent than those described in the existing <br />notice. <br />If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Maiolo on (970)-826-5077. <br />Sincerely, <br />C"?" '0. S tj, <br />Enclosures <br />John Husband <br />? Field Manager <br />cc: Russ Means <br />Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety <br />101 South 3rd St. Suite 301 <br />Grand Junction, CO 81501-2416 <br />United States Department of the Interior <br />William D Collins & Judith L. Hamilton <br />Jubilee Venture LLC <br />.20802 Pleasant Park Road: <br />Conifer, CO 80433