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Mr. Amory Quinn -2- <br />6) During wet weather, when excessive damage can be caused by vehicle traffic, activities <br />shall cease until conditions improve. <br />7) All activities associated with this NOI, including the reclamation and reseeding of <br />disturbed areas shall be completed by November 30, 2009. Disturbed areas shall be <br />reclaimed immediately after exploration activities are completed. The enclosed seed <br />mixture shall be used during reclamation. Seed tickets shall be submitted to DOE for <br />permanent retention in the record file. <br />8) No rattlesnakes shall be harmed by project activities and all known bird nests shall be <br />avoided. <br />9) All personnel working on the proposed exploration activities shall be made aware of the <br />stipulations set forth in this letter, and those set forth in the Lease Agreement. <br />10) Cotter personnel shall provide DOE with a proposed schedule for the completion of the <br />approved activities. <br />DOE coordinated its review of this NOI with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and <br />the Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining, and Safety (CDRMS). These agencies have <br />concurred with DOE's decision, subject to their letters (Dave Kauffman, BLM, to Steve <br />Schiesswohl, DOE, dated August 18, 2009 [COC-71888], and G. Russell Means, CDRMS to <br />Glen Williams, Cotter, dated July 28, 2009 [P-2009-019], respectively. <br />DOE herein acknowledges that Cotter has an existing reclamation bond posted with DOE in the <br />amount of $48,000 that adequately covers the estimated reclamation costs associated with this <br />NOI. Please note that the reclamation liability associated with all future activities proposed by <br />Cotter will be assessed by DOE in a similar manner and the bond amount may need to be <br />revised. <br />Approval of this plan is conditioned upon the faithful compliance with the terms, conditions, and <br />stipulations set forth herein and in the Lease Agreement. This approval is restricted solely to the <br />activities set forth in your plan. Activities not described shall not be undertaken until and unless <br />a supplemental plan is submitted to and approved by the DOE Realty Officer. Furthermore, <br />approval of this plan in general shall not be construed as a modification of any requirements of <br />the Lease Agreement. <br />If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (720) 377-9683, or Ed Cotter of <br />DOE's Contractor staff at (970) 248-6056. <br />Sincerely, <br />2009.10.27 <br />1_ 07:49:07 -06'00' <br />.Av Steven R. Schiesswohl <br />Realty Officer <br />Enclosure <br />cc w/ enclosure: <br />G. Williams, Cotter Corporation WSO <br />R. Ernst, USBLM <br />R. Means, CDRMS <br />L. Kilpatrick, DOE <br />Project File (E. Cotter)