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<br />CO-110 <br />Oil Shale RD&D <br />COC 69166 <br />A t p?wnrn a *? r? <br />United States Department of the Interior <br />BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT <br />White River Resource Area <br />220 East Market Street 00000 <br />g <br />Meeker, Colorado 81641 no <br />IDWitwa of Re&d""' <br />MW" and SS%W <br />OCT 15 2009. <br />RECEIVED <br />OCT 19 2009 tZ <br />GRAND JUNG !fin, ;-l"Lp OFFICE <br />Richard Mykitta / Z. (D 4 O Z 4 DIVISION OF <br />Shell Frontier Oil & Gas Inc. RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />P. O. Box 478 <br />Meeker, CO 81641 <br />Dear Mr. Mykitta: <br />Our staff has reviewed your July 31, 2009 submitted "Notice of Intent (NOI) to Conduct Prospecting <br />Operations" located on Oil Shale Research, Development and Demonstration (R,D&D) Tract Oil Shale <br />Lease COC69166". <br />The proposed action is within the scope of Environmental Assessment (EA) CO-110-06-117-EA, "Shell <br />Oil Shale Research, Development and Demonstration Projects Rio Blanco County, Colorado" and is <br />approved. <br />Applicable lease terms, conditions, stipulations, and the attached conditions of approval are to be <br />implemented for the NOI. <br />This action corresponds to the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (CDRMS) <br />Prospecting Permit P-2009-024. Bonding for these activities on the oil shale RD&D lease tracts is <br />calculated and held by CDRMS in coordination with the Bureau of Land Management. CDRMS has <br />determined $612,434.00 is required for bonding of the proposed activities. CDRMS has also <br />-- - - -deter-mired Shel-l-Frontier's -Oil-and-Gas- Inc. -existing_Statewide_Prospecting Bond No. 10480.6644 is _ <br />sufficient. Please send a copy of the bond to the BLM, Colorado State Office, 2850 Youngfield Street, <br />Lakewood, Colorado, 80215, attention: Charlie Beecham. <br />Notify Paul Daggett, Mining Engineer at (970) 878-3819 a minimum of 24 hours in advance of any <br />surface disturbing or drilling activities. Also if there are any questions, please contact Paul Daggett. <br />Sincerely, <br />?? Kent E. Walter <br />Field Manager