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c <br />Steven R. Schiesswohl <br />Realty Officer <br />DOE - LM <br />11025 Dover St., Suite 1000 <br />Westminster, CO 80021 <br />Dear Mr. Schiesswohl: <br />United States Department of the Interior u.Demn"fQptiffi.n <br />?w a w,? •.wa.n <br />Bureau of Land Management <br />Grand Junction Field Office <br />2815 H Road <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81406 <br />SEP 2 8 2009 <br />RMMRV20 In Reply <br />OCT 0 5 2009 RECEIVED Refer to: <br />CO-130 <br />Division of Reclamation, SEP 2 9 2009 <br />Kning and Safefiy GRAND JUNG 14014 o--ie=LD OFFICE <br />DIVISION OF <br />RECLAMATION MIN!NG & SAFETY <br />Thank you for the notification. that Energy Fuels wishes to conduct uranium exploration drilling <br />on DOE Lease Tract C-G-26, Calamity Mesa, located in portions of T.50N., R.18W., Section 10. <br />We conducted a site visit with Energy Fuels and CDRMS on September 1, 2009 to review the <br />proposal. We looked at the 4h proposed drill sites and the one proposed new road segment <br />(approximately 100'x 20') needed for site A. A total of 0.2 acre would be disturbed as ft of <br />the drill sites are located in previously disturbed sites, either existing roads or previously drilled <br />sites. <br />We concur with the plans for Energy Fuels drilling on DOE Lease Tract C-G-26 (6 holes) with <br />the following contingences: <br />o For all holes: All ground disturbing activities are to be completed by November 30, <br />2009. Reclaim and reseed late this fall following disturbance to take advantage of winter <br />moisture. <br />o Approval is given for the drill site locations inspected on 9/1/09. If other locations in this <br />area are proposed for drilling, the notice must be modified and field checked by BLM. <br />o During wet weather conditions, no mud blading would be allowed. When road conditions <br />are such that vehicles create ruts deeper than 4 inches, drilling and vehicle activities will <br />be temporarily suspended. <br />o The operator is required to control weeds until the site is reclaimed in accordance with <br />Mesa County regulations. As a safeguard to avoid the inadvertent invasion of noxious