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Department of Energy <br />?. Office of Legacy Management <br />0? 109 August 11, 2009 <br />?C? moon, OLM-SRS-2009-100 <br />p?v?ipn of a?$efek\J <br />-W16\11q RECEIVED <br />Mr. Amory E. Quinn, President <br />Cotter Corporation SEP 2 12009 <br />7800 East Dorado Place, Suite 210 GRAND dUr4C74ON ricl_U OFFICE <br />Englewood, CO 80111 DIVIStON OF <br />RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />Subject: Reclamation Bonds for DOE Lease Tracts C-SR-13A, C-LP-21, and C-CM-25 <br />Dear Mr. Quinn: <br />The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is currently reviewing Cotter Corporation's proposed <br />exploration plans for DOE Lease Tracts C-SR-13A, C-LP-21, and C-CM-25. As partof that <br />process, DOE has reviewed the reclamation performance bonds currently held for the respective <br />properties. In 2008, as the Uranium Leasing Program was extended for an additional ten years, <br />DOE decided that the minimum bond required for any lease activities would be $5,000. DOE's <br />review of its lease files has shown that the current bonds in place for Lease Tracts C-SR-13A <br />($6,000), and C-LP-21 ($48,000) are sufficient to cover full reclamation of the proposed <br />exploratory activities. However, for Lease Tract C-CM-25, the current bond of $4,000 falls <br />below the minimum bond requirement as established by DOE. Accordingly, Cotter Corporation <br />shall increase the bond amount for Lease Tract C-CM-25 to at least the minimum amount <br />required ($5,000). The approval of the exploration plan for Lease Tract C-CM-25 shall be <br />contingent on DOE receiving formal documentation of this increase. <br />If you have questions concerning this matter, please contact me at (720) 377-9683. <br />Sincerely, <br />Steven R. Schiesswohl <br />Rocky Flats <br />2009.08.11 16:06:05 <br />-06'00' <br />Steven R. Schiesswohl <br />Realty Officer <br />cc: G. Williams, Cotter Corporation <br />L. Kilpatrick, DOE (e) <br />E. Cotter, Stoller (e) <br />Project File ULSCF 2.0 (E. Cotter)