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JUBILEE VENTURE, LLC <br />19754 E EUCLID DRIVE <br />CENTENNIAL, COLORADO 80016 <br />303 617-0813 <br />July 20, 2009 <br />RECEIVED <br />Mr. Steve Shuey <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining & SafetyQ JUL 2 4 2009 <br />Grand Junction Field Office GRAND JUN <br />C'rI0ty FIELD OFFICE <br />DIM" OF <br />Department of Natural Resources 0 3 Z??Q RECLWpON LNG & SAFETY <br />101 South 3rd Street Room 301 pUG <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 pr4;mw 1 Res ty <br />Dear Mr. Shuey, <br />We would like to take a moment of your time to express our sincere appreciation for all the <br />time, trouble and work Mr. G. Russell Means has spent on our project. From the very beginning he has <br />been very helpful. He has helped guide us through the rules, regulations and procedures for the <br />permitting of our project. <br />I have been in private business for over 30 years and speaking from experience, it is a pleasure <br />to come across an individual such as Mr. Russell who displays a high caliber of subject knowledge and <br />the ability to communicate that information to the people around him. <br />We are very grateful for all of his time, energy and consideration shown to us. <br />Sincere ;-2 <br />artin R Bauer <br />Managing Member <br />Jubilee Venture LL(: