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STATE <br />DIVISION OF RECLAMATION, MINING AND SAFETY <br />Department of tJatugl Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 21 S <br />Denwr, Colorado 80203 <br />Plwne: (303) 86L3Si7 <br />F~-x: t3o3) a32~las <br />OF~OLORApC <br />CD ~~,~, ~,$ NON CONFIDENTIAL <br />_g._ ~ ~, <br />R the DBMS docutneM imtg~ on the folbwini DBMS Peru <br />1) ' 2do 8 - 0.32) Ptak <br />7'he DRM3 document ~~ can ~ copied to eit>xr a CD ar a DVD. Pkase check one below and return shit <br />farm with your payer b DRMS. If a CD is d and the permit is too large for a CD, you will be cane <br />~~ ~ u..,_~ l~ disk <br />_ Dw a s2o.ooD disk <br />-~kaae check if ynu want a copy of the 4i, SQ U ~ic/rtp <br />>ZR~uCtlOnf. <br />COLORAD( <br />otvtstoN o <br />~C~MA'TIOr <br />MINING <br />SAFETY <br />Bill Rider, Jr. <br />Covemor <br />Harris D. Sherman <br />Executive Director <br />Ronald W, Gttarry <br />Division Director <br />~urai Resowc+e Trustee <br />Compobr re9dremeab to Due the D <br />QnickView will ~RM3 donmettt ) <br />~ 8tst time. Future use of thin or other ~~ b the CD and ~ be~~ ~ ~ c ~ . <br />2. The CD ae DVD that ~ CD s dow not regmre a new insWlatian of the so asndar b me a DBMS imag~g CD <br />3. The CD will contain 8ka unm <b~e , ~~~ A DVD drive w~11 rod a CD or D Rwaie. <br />will handk singk and multi- ~ ~~ P~~tbie deE ~~t~ for .tif 81st on c~br ~t <br />1~ ~cumenb. On a Windows J~ your <br />end Fax Viewer" or'~antt" atd they wifb <br />doer worst. DBMS hat Q~kView The y v~ewiug P~ an ~~ "Windows <br />QuickView. ARer ~mmed that a program called '~tfaay~•+ ~8 ~esves that comes with Pn-Windows XP conrtpua~ <br />downloading "IrfanView" it needs b be c ' wfiich m° be downloaded ~ Irlinyiew. <br />this so8wan and the licensing and ngistratioa are the users n as your det3iuh .tif viewer. ~ dO°s wrork with <br />"~It~B Preview" and "Inmging far Windovrs» ~Y• Then an many other ~ w~ ~ ~~ ~~u <br />I <br />~~~ <br />2. Allow time far the CD tome~ttLL Nom' A ~'0~II cslkd QuickView A <br />3. Eject the CD Et+om the computer setup ant' ~ oleo been c ~, which emit the QuickView <br />does NOT worlsy y~ will need b thu ('~. If the Autortm pa,~ <br />4. Reinsert the GD inb the computer. Inirtnrctiaii» ~lY install the sew <br />S. You are ready b view the Permit Files. with the CD or cc~ ~ View arse avail~~ ~ ~b <br />www.mininQ.state <br />Tre Termlt Rtle doeumettt ImaRp coo be vkwed V tie <br />The CD/DVD parebase cast Doren sire tlaae dad labor otn ~~ DRMS °~ or they can be porehasiM o. a Cp or DVD. <br />DMelalmer• •' <br />The Colorado Division of Reclaaottion, M' . <br />anY kind arisins out of the use of dab orutf~ ~sa~ (DBMS) is not reaportstbk and shall not be liabk to <br />atr the rewlr obOtined fl'om ib use. Any doh or inform idou ~' the DRM$ inchding the ina61>ation ~.~ dad user fa damages of <br />sitbar expnep or ~A~ inchdiag, but not limited M-, the ' 1Pr~ded ~ ~ DRiVI$ ~ P,~~d .m ia" ~~ warra,~y ib use, <br />or'n~dar Provided by the DR,MS shW be '~ of merchaataAility and tltrteaa for a Ptuticular ~ ~' <br />6armleas the DBMS, ib ot'ficiab, oRicen and e~ and rselied upoe only a< the wer'si sok rink, and the users Purpose. Dab <br />mPkY~ from any liability ariait~ out of the use of the dah/' ~ b ~demo;r~ and hold <br />Customer Malllng and Contact Information: o~hon Provided. <br />Print Nsme^ Co ~ rG ~ ,~ . ~ D l.~S e /~ <br />CompaaY: 1/IL ~ rJP ~ <br />,,M/~ ~ n <br />Addrea: 7'*'J Qtr ~ ~ CO t-I ~ po (~ <br />Phoses ~~' 7-~ ~~ - g ~ ~/ <br />~I~nature: <br /> <br />/S~~ <br />D-- s-u-_°_°~ <br />CD/DVD created and <br />t e: /~7-~~2-~d' <br />Office of <br />