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./ <br />F,000 7- 0,?; 9 <br />11;?° V-1 REGULATORY PERMITS MANAGEMENT, INC. <br />7425 Winter Berry Ln., Castle Rock, Colorado 80108 <br />Phone: (303) 854-7499 FAX: (303) 660-3852 <br />October 29, 2008 <br /> <br />Div. of Rec. Mining and Safety <br />Attn: David Bird <br />1313 Sherman St., RM 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />RE: Response to 50' Adequacy Questions <br />Dear Mr. Bird: <br /> <br />NON CONFIDENTIAL <br />On August 18, 2008 I met with you and Mr. Tony Waldron at the Franklin Mine Site. While there, we <br />looked at the closures that COAG Corporation installed on the Freighter's Friend and Franklin Mine <br />Shafts. We also discussed the fourth adequacy questions letter sent to RPM, Inc and COAG <br />Corporation concerning the NOI that COAG Corporation submitted. COAG Corporation submitted its <br />responses to the fourth adequacy questions assuming that what was submitted would fully answer the <br />Division's remaining questions, given that the NOI request is for a simple prospect, bulk sampling <br />operation and not a mining operation, and based on our meeting of August 18, 2008. That is apparently <br />not the case. The Division has added another set of requirements, an inventory of existing mine <br />openings in the area. COAG Corporation objects to this additional requirement. However, in order to <br />move the project forward, COAG Corporation will attempt to comply. <br />Following are COAG Corporation's responses to the Division's adequacy questions. <br />Adequacy Response #4 <br />• The spring/seep surface survey shall be confined to the limits of the ridges both side of the valley <br />and shall extend one mile down gradient. Any springs or seeps located shall be indicated on a <br />USGS topo map. A hand held GPS location shall be sufficient. <br />Response: Based on no indication to the contrary in Adequacy Review #5 from the DRMS, <br />COAG Corporation will assume that its spring/seep field survey is acceptable to the DRMS. <br />• Mine water sampling may be performed during bulk sampling within the mine workings and will <br />not be required prior to NOI issuance.