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GAULT GROUP INC./ 60,-L, <br />CREATING PARADIGMS IN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT <br />July 2nd, 2008 V/ Z <br />,Re: NOI#P-2008-023 (J-Bird) <br />Mr. Russ Means <br />Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining Safety <br />101 S. 3rd St. Suite 301 <br />Grand Junction, CO. 81501 <br />Subject: Acceptance of Bond Amoun <br />Dear Mr. Means, <br />RECEW-ED <br />JUL 0 7 2008 <br />GRAND JUN <br />C'Ttu,, P ,L:iU OFFICE <br />IVISION <br />RECLAMATION MIM9 GF& SAFETY <br />Oftrision u-„ <br />9 and. s,.f,,y <br />On behalf of B1ueRock Energy Corporation, Gault Group Inc. submits this notification the bond <br />amount for NOI#P-2008-023, has been reviewed and B1ueRock accepts the DRMS estimate. <br />B1ueRock has submitted a One Site Prospecting Financial Warranty on BLM Land Check for <br />Deposit in State Treasury of $4,208.00 to Elizabeth Taliaferro. The Warranty Application was <br />received by the Denver office on 6/26/08. <br />If you have any questions concerning this application, please call David Munger, Senior Project <br />Manager, (970) 564-9646 <br />Thank you, <br />./` dal <br />Michael Quinlan <br />Project Scientist <br />Gault Group Inc. <br />cc: David Munger, B1ueRock Energy Corp., Senior Project Manager. <br />2200 E. CIAMELSACK ROAD, SUITE 21 7 36 WEST MAIN STREET <br />PHOENIX, ARIZONA 8501 6 CORTEZ, COLORADO 8 1 32 1 <br />602/294-6652 FAx 602/294-6659 970/565-1 222 FAx 970/565-1 226