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(Page 2) <br />MINE ID # OR PROSPECTING ID #: P-2008-033 <br />INSPECTION DATE: 6-4-08 <br />INSPECTOR'S INITIALS GRM <br />OBSERVATIONS <br />This inspection was conducted as part of the normal program established by the Colorado Division of Reclamation, <br />Mining and Safety for the submission of Notice of Intent. The Uravan-Beck Project is a series of Notices located in <br />western Montrose County. Sites straddle the Delores River on high mesas above the canyon rim. This inspection <br />was a joint site visit with Robert Ernst and BLM personnel form the Uncompahgre Field Office. Dick Klatt from <br />Yellowcake Mining and Marit Sawyer from JBR Consultants accompanied DRMS and BLM personnel on site. <br />Site P-8 is typical of all the proposed activities and is almost identical to P-9. A drill pad area will be established to <br />do a picket fence drill pattern on pre-existing disturbance as much as possible. The drill rig is an air rotary / hammer <br />style rig mounted on a truck. The initial Notice had the drill pads being cleared of topsoil. Due to the type of drill <br />this should not be necessary. The truck can move overland with little to no disturbance and the hole site should <br />require little prep work as well. The only concern is multiple pick-ups driving in and out of a site as drilling <br />progresses. The drill operators should be cautioned to limit traffic and use the same ingress and egress to prevent <br />large scale compaction of the site if the holes are off existing roadways. <br />P-8 will use existing roads which have very little to no vegetation. The roads are from pre-law drilling activities and <br />Montrose County. The drill hole pattern will stay out of any drainages. The pattern is set up to utilize a flat area <br />where little disturbance should occur if care is taken concerning support vehicles noted above. Primary vegetation <br />is native grasses with some four-wing saltbush and other sparsely scattered shrubs. Russian knapweed is noted in <br />the area so great cares should be exercised to prevent it spread into proposed disturbance areas. Some pre-existing <br />capped drill holes, test pits and drill pads are noted. <br />Overall the project for this site is well presented in the Notice and no issues are noted at this time. A reclamation <br />liability estimate will be calculated based on the site visit and Notice information. <br />Responses to this inspection report should be directed to Russ Means at the Division of Reclamation, Mining and <br />Safety, Grand Junction Field Office, 101 South 3rd Street, Room 301, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501, phone no. <br />970-241-1117. <br />I & E Contact Address <br />NAME: Dick Klatt <br />OPERATOR: Yellowcake Mining Inc. <br />STREET: 951 East 8800 South <br />CITY/STATE/ZIP: Sandy, UT 84094-1959 <br />cc: <br />X CE: JBR Consulting <br />X BLM: Uncompahgre Field Office <br />? FS <br />? HW <br />? HMWMD (CH) <br />? WQCD (CH) <br />? OTHER