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411 <br />ANNUAL REPORT <br />PERMITTEE NAME: Solberg Solberg & French <br />PERMIT NO.: M- 1981 -044 <br />OPERATION NAME: Solberg Pit <br />ANNIVERSARY DATE: April 7, 2000 <br />ANNUAL FEE DUE ON ANNIVERSARY DATE: $550.00 <br />COUNTY: El Paso <br />PAID <br />According to C.R.S. 34- 32- 116(3)(x), each year, on the anniversary date of the permit, an operator shall <br />submit the annual fee, a report and map showing the extent of current disturbances to affected land, <br />reclamation accomplished to date and during the preceding year, new disturbances that are anticipated <br />to occur during the upcoming year, reclamation that will be performed during the coming year, the <br />dates for the beginning of active operations, and the date active operations ceased for the year, if any. <br />Please attach your revised annual report map and written report to this annual report. Please <br />mote that an adequately labeled ,map that clearly delineates and includes the above elements may <br />suffice for a written report. <br />Please type or print the current contact person's name, mailing address, and phone number in the space <br />provided: <br />Contact Name: Bob Solb <br />Address: 13745 Garrett Rd. <br />Falcon, CO 80831 <br />Company: Solberg, Solberg 9 French <br />Phone No.: ( 719 )683 -3198 <br />FAX No.: ( I119 )683 -3566 <br />If there are additional comments and/or information that should be provided to the Division, please <br />provide it on a separate sheet and attach it to this report form along with your map and/or written <br />report. <br />Signature of Corporate Officer, t r <br />W TER M ITMASTERDOCUM ENTSW -AF -01 <br />Date <br />INSTRUCTIONS ON BACK <br />