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<br />SPATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF ttKLAMATION, MINING AND SAFETY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Phone: (303) 86L3561 <br />FAX: (303) 832-i10~ <br />/~ ~~, ~ <br />COLORADO <br />DIVISION O P <br />RECLAMATION <br />MINING <br />SAFETY <br />Request for theGDBMS doctanent imagespb the following DBMS permit file(s): <br />The DBMS document imams qa be copied to either a CD ar a DVD. Please check as below and return this <br />form with your payment b DBMS. Tf a CD is requested and the permit is too IarEe for a CD, you will be p>!e <br />~ s.~ l~ disk DVD (~ 520.00 per disk <br />Please check if yon wart a copy of the QuickView inabllation instrttctiotta. <br />Bill Ritter, )r. <br />Covemor <br />Harris D. Sherman <br />Executive Director <br />Ronald W. Cathay <br />Division DlrecOOr <br />Natural Resource Tnntee <br />Computer regdremknb to we the DBMS document haa~ CD (or DVDh <br />1. A program called QuickView will be copied to the CD and mast be inablled on yanr computer in ardor !d use a DBMS imaging CD <br />the fast time. Future use of thin a other imaging CD's doe not ~ s new irtsdtlLtion of the software. <br />2. The CD or DVD that yon purchase l~ be is the , A DVD drive will read a CD or DVD. <br />3. The CD will conbin Ana with the .tif extension. There needs b be as image viewing application for .tif Elea oo yonr computer that <br />will handle single and multi page documents, On a windows JLp computer, the defauh ~~ are ~~ "windows Piceur~e <br />and Fax Viewer" or'Taint" and they do mt orkw with QuickView. The Imaging Viewer that comes withpre-Wiodowd Xp computer <br />does work. DBMS has determined that a Program called "IrfanView", which can be downloaded from, does work with <br />QnickView. After downloading "hfaaView", it net:da to be configured as your default .cif viewer. DBMS does not support or endorse <br />this software and the licensing and rzgistration are the uset'a reapo~bility. There are many other programs that work as well, such as <br />"Imaging Preview" end "Imaging fOr Wmdowa". <br />~ ~~ <br />1. Insert the CD i~o your computer. NOTB: A program called QuickView Autorltn, which runs the QuickView <br />Allow time for the CD to install. setup program, hm ahlo bt:en copied b Chia CD. If the Autonm program <br />3. Eject the CD 1~om the computer. does NOT work; you will need b mamtally imtall the QuickView program, <br />4. Reinsert the CD lino the comptttet. Inshvcti~s fa atanwlly installing QuickView are available upon request <br />S. You are ready oo view the Permit Files. with the CD or can be viewed at <br />The terndt Flls docameat Image eaa be vkwed V tie rrt~goa area o[tie DBMS oAke or trey can be parciased oa a CD or DVD. <br />Tre CD/DVD parehase cost covers tie time and labor of making tie CD. DRlN9 eaesot nr+nvide eomoater .+~.t..r .......... <br />DbleWmler: <br />The Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mitring and Safety (DBMS) is not n;apomfbk and shall not be liable ro the user for damages of <br />any kind arising out of the use of data of infisrrnation provided by the DBMS, inchding the installation of the dab ar infomntioq ib use, <br />or the t+eattlb obbined &~om ib use. Any dab or information w <br />either a ptrovided by the DBMS is provided a u withtwt warranty of nay land, <br />xpresa tx implied, inchding, but not limited to, the implied vvarrantip of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Dab <br />ar information provided by the DBMS shall be used and relied upon only at the wet's sole risk, sad the user agrees to irdeanit)r and hold <br />harmkas the DBMS, ib officials, officers and employees Iran any liability arising out of the use of the dab/infortnation provided <br />Customer Melling and Coiataet Information: <br />Print Naane: ~-2 G~%C~ ~~1i~,j / ~J v D~M3 use onh+ <br />Company: 1 hC - 7 ~S~~~P~ ,.~, ~ CD/DVDcreated and <br />Addrea: 4 ~~ <br />S ~ ~~ ~ C/ ~ t~L~ / p~ dted by: <br />Pions: _3~~ ~- ~.~ (~ ~ C~S <br />Signature: ate: ~ /~ ~Q <br />Office d <br />