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- ,~ <br />COAQ CORPORATION <br />A Colorado Mining Company <br />200 S. Wilcox St. #402 • Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 USA <br />..,~ - <br />Phone: 303-814-8251 • Fax: 303-814-8222 _ <br />January 18, 2008 ~`~ ~ .~ ~a - ~ <br />Erica S. Crosby Registered Mail ~~~~ ~ ? ''~' <br />Environmental Protection Specialist ~ ~ `~'~ ~ ~ ' ~ " ~~ ~ ~ ~ <br />Colorado Department of Natural Resources <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety <br />1313 Sherman St, Room 215 a-mail: <br />Denver, CO 80203 Phone: 303-866-3567 <br />Ms. Crosby, <br />We received your letter of January 8, 2008 in response to our NOI application. We <br />believe we will need more time to complete the items that you discussed in the letter. We <br />will be working with Jim Cowart P.E., of Walsh Environmental Science & Engineers <br />LLC, of Boulder, CO for their review and direction for our NOI application process. <br />We therefore request an extension to the current January 25, 2008 decision date forward <br />to April 15, 2008, to allow for access to the site and our consultants work. As a result, <br />we waive our right to a decision on this matter by January 25, 2008. <br />Sincerely, <br />~~~~ <br />Mickey Fouts <br />COAG Corporation <br />cc: Carl Mount, Senior Environmental Specialist, DRMS <br />Reinhold Zimbelman, COAG Corporation <br />Adam Gawlikowski, COAG Corporation <br />Jim Cowart, Walsh Environmental Science & Engineers, LLC <br />David Groy, P.G., RMC Consultants Incorporated <br />