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`STAGE BOUNDARIES <br />AFFECTED LAND <br />-LAND DISTURBED IN LAST YEAR <br />3'I SLOPES COMPLETED IN 1978 <br />ANNUAL <br />REPORT <br />MAP EXHIBIT D -1 <br />GIVALA116 14 C ct C tu«I h <br />/V <br />CANON CITY EAST PIT <br />MINING PLAN & STAGES <br />PART OF THE NE /4 SW /4, NW /4 SW /4 a SW /4 NW /4 <br />SECTION 1 -T. 19 S. -R. 70 W, 6th PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN <br />FREMONT COUNTY, COLORADO <br />October, 1977 <br />Prepared by Environment, Inc. <br />Larry E. O'Brian, PE No..7465 <br />SCALE: 1"")00' <br />Permit Number/ <br />Class: ❑Permit <br />Section /Exhiba <br />! -_-_-_-_.------------------------------------------ <br />Class: ❑ Revision <br />Tope /Se /4 <br />Class: Repppppppph ❑ Hydro QGe� rat <br />Doc TYpe yyrr c(E y�-Lf' o C-� c� , <br />OApplicatio (Coal only) ❑Bon ❑ Enfo ement ❑ Inspection <br />1 �IIII� IIIII111111�111IIIII IIIII II�I� IIII IIII <br />0016495 <br />