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• iii iiuiiiiuiii iii <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />vlvl~lUN Uh MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Dep^rlntenl of Nalu rdl RBSOUreeS <br />1313 Sherman St.. Room '_1 S <br />Dwrver. Colorado 80203 <br />Phone: 130}1 856-35Gi <br />FAX: I }03) 83? ~8 7 05 <br />November 3, 2000 <br />~~ <br />DIVISION OF <br />MINERAL S <br />GEOLOGY <br />RECLAMATION <br />MINING•SAFETY <br />Mr. Ed Zabrisky <br />Vallie Gravel, inc. Bdl gwens <br />co~ernor <br />0365 Heather Ln. rrel; r Wna.noi <br />Howard, CO 81233 F"'`°""`' D"°"°' <br /> AGd+ael B lunG <br /> <br />RE: Vallie Gravel Co., Permit No. M-78-331, Financial Warranty D~rlm°n DireUOr <br />Dear Mr. Zabrisky <br />A recem audit of our financial warranty records by the State Auditor has initiated a process of verifying <br />Certificates of Deposit that the Division holds as Financial Warranty on mining operations. The CD that we <br />hold for the above referenced file was included in this process. In going through this process, it was discovered <br />that the CD that the Division holds for the above referenced site is not set up to meet current requirements. <br />Therefore, the Chaffee County Bank Certificate of Deposit No. 888, in the amount of $1,500.00, has been <br />reissued as Colorado Community First National Bank CD No. , in the amount of $1,500.00. The <br />Division is now requesting a new Financial Warranty/Certification of Deposit and Assignment of Certificate of <br />Deposit forms be submitted. These forms only require your signature in the presence of a Notary Public. The <br />bank is, also, requesting a signature on the enclosed form. Please orily sign in the area indicated by the "Sign <br />Here" post-u. Upon completion, please forward all documents to my attention. <br />Please also find enclosed check number from Colorado Community First in the amount of $17.85 <br />that represents accrued interest. <br />If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (303) 866-4920. <br />Sincerely, <br />\C=l 71 V ~-- <br />Suzi Ericksen <br />Program Assistant <br />