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.:~ <br />iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <br />999 <br />INTEROFFICE <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Sandy Brown <br />FROM: Jim Stark ~- <br />SUBJECT: Sanbom Creek Mine's MR-55 Reclamation Cost Estimate <br />DATE: 8 January, 2001 <br />Attached is the updated summary sheet for the reclamation cost estimate for Sanborn <br />Creek Mine's Minor Revision 55 -Elk Creek Mine Rock Safety Catch Bench <br />Construction. Please remove task 123 (Replace Topsoil from Stockpile to Road and <br />Bench) and task 125 (Broadcast Seed Bench and Road) from your estimate. The new <br />liability for this revision is $21,580.00. Please let me know if you have any questions <br />regazding this estimate. <br />