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LAFARG E <br />III IIIIIIIIIIIII III <br />999 <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br />JUN 0 g 1999 <br />June 7. 1999 <br />Barb Chiappone <br />State of Colorado <br />Division of Minerals and C;eology <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Dear Barb, <br />Enclosed are two replacement bonds for the following: <br />Pit Name New Bond # <br />Howe Pit 5996243 ~-~~-~r1 <br />Nyholt Pit 5996244 ~J>1- 8c2 -i'~7 <br />Division of Minerals & Geology <br />If you have any questions you can reach me at 303/657-4371. <br />Sincerely, <br />~~~~ <br />Stacey Wo yard ~ <br />Paralegal/Land and Resource Analyst <br />Enclosures <br />WESTERN MOBILE INC., a subsidiary of Lafarge Corporation <br />TECHNICAL SERVICES <br />1590 W. 12th Ave., Denver, Colorado 80204-3410 <br />Office: (303) 657-0000 Fax: (303) 657-0339 <br />