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<br />, <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />131 J Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver. CO 80203 <br />Phone: (303)866-3567 <br />FAX: 1303) 832-8106 E,O9r <br />Np S`~ ~G fA ~ <br />\NP~O~~p`~pp~J'taca~j/L-F3NANCIAL WARRANTY <br />~asGM`cY~ ~~>1'~~--~ LETTER OF CREDIT <br />~S~Zf. V! <br />0'' <br />0r <br />Operator: DEL RODARMEL <br />Operation: FLORENCE SAND & GRAVEL <br />Permit No.: M-of-03o <br />Bank: <br />Street: <br />City: <br />State: <br />Area Code <br />of Muletais ~ :iaoio9S <br />32 MAI <br />~ III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ~ ~~ <br />COLORADO Zi <br />X79 Telephone~~ <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, <br />WHEREAS, the Coiorado Mined <br />et sec. (the "Act"), as amen <br />the Act until the Mined Lan Re <br />Financial Warranty (or Warra i <br />WHEREAS, <br />a PRIVATE <br />DEI_ P,ODARi4EL <br /> <br />OF'~~[O <br />4~ 4 <br />.pie' O <br />~.j <br />.• <br />r8'!6 ~ <br /> Roy Romer <br /> y~ivernar <br /> Michael B. Long <br />/, <br />~v I Division Dveaor <br />~O -dd ~ <br />inn <br />clamat~on ct, C.R.S. 1973, 34-32-i0i <br />des that no permit may be issued under <br />on B ar (the "Board") receives a <br />descrl ed in the Act. <br />~\ (the "Operator"), <br />corporation has or a permit to conduct a mining <br />operation known as FLOREi~CE ND & G L (the "Operation"), on certain <br />lands in FP,EMCNT County, Colorado. These lands are described <br />in the permit application, s amended and supplemented, and are referred to <br />herein as the "Affected La ds". <br />WHEREAS, as part of the application for the permit, the Operator has <br />agreed to be bound by 1 requirements of the Act and all applicable rules and <br />regulations of the Bob d, as amended from time to time. <br />WHEREAS, in its~apolication for the permit, the Operator has agreed with <br />the board to provide for reclamation of the Affected Lands that are now, or <br />may become, subject to the permit, as required by law. <br />WHEREAS. the Board has determined, in accordance with the Act, that the <br />estimated costs of reclamation of the Affected Lands are those amounts for the <br />stated periods of time as set forth herein. Said amount may be amended from <br />time to time to reflect revised estimates of said costs of reclamation. <br />