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L <br />iii iiiiiiiiniiiiii <br />999 <br />COAL BOND COMPLIANCE INSPECTION FORM <br />.. 7;. <br />Mine ~C~ Q I~IVIA, <br />Date l D tau ~ u Lo <br />Permittee L(~CA1) ~ ~ . C . /~ <br />Operator c,~Lrvl.e ,,,,,,// <br />Inspector _ (~ ,CI 71S()rX <br />Part 1 - Contetn~raneous Reclamation - To be completed at least annually <br />Backfilling and Grading <br />Compare the following field conditions to approved plans using the reclamation cost estimate, <br />mine plan/operations plan maps, post-mining topography maps, and maps from annual reclama- <br />tion reports, etc. Write a brief description of any observed discrepancies. <br />1. Number of open pits, portals, mine shafts, and/or adits. <br />Ca~1- P+ F <br />lest P. ~ <br />~v. i ~ Pi t <br />l.a. Approximate dimensions of pits/openings. <br />f,~c~~ Plh- a,~~' ~ t9~~~>F ~: i~o'd <br />2. Number of spoil ridges at each pit, or time elapsed since the pit was last active. <br />clot Pi ~ <br />SwF P-t - NSA <br />~.e, i~. Pi+- <br />3. Are there existing subsidence features that require bacldilling and grading? <br />~~ <br />4. List refuse areas and their locations. <br />NSA' <br />