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,~ <br />.~ <br />s~EC~ <br />iii iuiiiii <br />SAFECO INSURANCE CUIPANIES <br />SURETY DEPARTMENT <br />P. O. Box 869012, <br />Plano, Texas 75086-9012 <br />DATE: July 16, 1993 <br />Colorado Mines & Reclamation Div. <br />1313 Sherman St., Rm. 215 <br />Denver. Co 80203-2273 <br />NAME OF ACCOUNT: WENDELL F. MOREY <br />JUL 19 1993 <br />Division or rNinerdls a ~eu'o9Y <br />BOND NUMBER: 4078723 _ BOND AMOUNT: 515,000.00_ <br />ADDRESS: 405 N. Lincoln, Loveland, Co. 80537 <br />TYPE OF BOND: RECLAMATION BOND <br />SAFECO Insurance Company of America has been acting as surety <br />on the above captioned bond. Please answer the following <br />questions where applicable. All information provided will be <br />held in strict confidence. / <br />Is the account current? Yes No <br />If not, what amount is past due? <br />length of time past due? <br />Date of last audit conducted- <br />Results of audit <br />Have there been any problems or complaints from thir d <br />~, parties Concerning this account principal)? Yes_ No_ <br />If yes, please comment <br />Any additional information or comments regarding your <br />experience with this account (prince al) would be <br />appreciate d ~a/udG /-z~: .~ ~LTe,vT /1x~ cPC<,~ic~-"~ <br />Yours truly, Inform ti~on Pro~By: <br />Todd Tschantz <br />Au o Ize u_re <br />Surety Department Date ! ~ <br />SAFELO INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERIC4 <br />SAFECO LIFE INSVRANCE COMPANY <br />GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA <br />FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA <br />SAFECO NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY <br />SAFECO NATIONAL LIFE INSVRANCE COMPANY <br />VL-0/EP 1/88 SAFECO INSVRANCE COMPANV OF ILLINOIS <br />• ,y_ ~ P ~~ <br />(216)516-8629 <br />RE~:E:IVF~,~ <br />