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. ; -~-~ ~ III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - <br />~; °~~.,~ STAI ~ Ur ~LORPIDO <br />Roy Romer, Governor <br />ul7 <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />DAVID C. SHELTON, Dlreetor <br />November 12, 1987 <br />Valco, Inc., Corporate Offices <br />P. 0. Box 550 <br />Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067 <br />Attn: A. Reid Jones <br />Vice-President Finance <br />REFERENCE: Replacement Financial Warranty Files No. <br />M-77-023, M-77-222, M-77-223, M-77-559, M-77-560, <br />M-77-572, M-77-573, M-78-287, M-81-014, M-81-132, <br />M-84-008, M-84-089 and M-86-015 <br />Dear Mr. Jones: <br />This Division is in receipt of your letter of October 21, 1987, with which you <br />submitted the recorded Deed of Trust in th.e amount of five hundred thousand <br />dollars ($500,000) together with a policy of Title Insurance in like amount <br />naming the State of Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Division as first lien <br />holder on properties indicated therein, Together with the Financial Warranty <br />and Conditional Promissory Note for the Use With Deed of Trust and the <br />Appraisal Reports on the Valco Thunderbird Ranch submitted by Mr. Lloyd V. <br />Barnhart and Mr. Arlo Beamon the Replacement Financial Warranty Documents <br />for the above listed permits (file numbers) are deemed complete in the <br />amounts set forth in Attachment A to this letter. As a result of your <br />submission of all of the above documents, this Division does hereby release <br />in their entirety the bonds listed on Attachment B of this letter. <br />You should contact your insurance representative of these releases by providing <br />them with a copy of this letter together with the original bonding documents <br />which are enclosed herewith. <br />If I may be of further assistance to you in this or other matters, please do <br />not hesitate to contact me at the below listed number. <br />S' erely, <br />(,u-~~.ctJ ,~ <br />Diana L. Bills <br />Administrative <br />enclosures <br />/~~~~~ . <br />Officer <br />423 Centennial Building, 1313 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203-2273 Tel. (303) 866-3567 <br />