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III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ~F COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />DcUarlmenl of Natural Resources <br />1 113 Sherman 51.. Room ?1 5 I`J~~ <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 II <br />Phnne: 13031 8h6-7567 <br />FA%: (31171 8 12 8106 <br />DEPARTMENT OF <br />March 25, 1998 NATU~. <br />RESOURCES <br />Bank of Norwood Roy Romer <br />Guve~nor <br />1640 Grand Avenue lames s. Lochhead <br />P.O. Box 508 Executive Director <br />Norwood, CO 81423 M~~naei e E°^~ <br />Division Direciur <br />RE: THOMAS FARMER -Montrose County <br />Gleason Pit, Permit No. M-83-159 <br />Certificate of Deposit No. <br />To Whom It May Concern: <br />The above captioned Certificate of Deposit was purchased at Bank of Norwood by Farmers Construction <br />on November l7, 1993. This CD, in the amount of $12,000, was provided to the Division of Minerals <br />& Geology, formerly the Mined Land Reclamation Boazd, as a reclamation bond in a mining operation <br />in the State of Colorado.- <br />A recent audit by the Colorado State Auditor's Office indicates that this document may no longer be <br />valid, and/or may have been cashed by the above named operator. It is also possible that the funds <br />simply rolled over into a newer document and the document was not forwarded to this office as a <br />replacement. Please review your records and advise status of this CD, so we can update or correct our <br />records. <br />Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter as we are required to respond to the State <br />Auditor by the end of our fiscal yeaz, June 30, 1998. <br />Sincerely, <br />Suzi Ericksen <br />Minerals Program Assistant <br />