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IME ACCOUNT MATURITY NOTICE <br />3,207 <br />lyate: November 10, 2005 <br />* CROSS MOUNTAIN RANCH LTD <br />PARTNERSIP FBO COLORADO MINED <br />LAND RECLAMATION BOARD <br />ST COLORADO/MINE LD RECLAIM <br />1313 SHERMAN ST RM 215 <br />DENVER CO 80203-2243 <br />RECEIVED <br />NOV 17 ~ <br />Division of Minerals and GeoloOY <br />m•1474•toa <br />Account Number: Term: 30 Uays <br />--"AccounrE)pcmdaRenewed---- 11/Ofi/US_ _ Vlaturity_I}ate: 12/08/05 <br />Value at Maturity: $ 5,747.50 Nutt Maturity Date: 011117/U6 <br />For Information Call: 1-800-225-5935 <br />Your Wells Fargo CD (Time Aceount) will be maturing on the date indicated above. Y'ou made a sound financial <br />decision when you opened your CD. In addition to the guaranteed rate, yvur account is backed by the strength of <br />Wells 1'argo Bank and the safety of the Federal lleposii Insurance Corporation (IaUIC). <br />Your CD will renew automatically for the same term and, at the rate available at the time of maturity. lluring the 7 <br />calendar-day grace period that begins on the day after your maturity date, you may also choose to: <br />• Add funds to this account -higher balances typically earn higher rates. <br />• Change the term -longer terms usually earn higher rates. <br />• Call Wells Faggo at the number listed above or contact your banker to see if there are any special Cll offers <br />or promotions, and to fmd out the current rates. <br />It you have a personal account, the balances in your (a count toward the combined balance requirements for many <br />of our personal, interest-bearing checking accounts -including our popular Wells }cargo Advantage Checking, Wells <br />Fargo Advantage Plus Checking and Portfolio Management Accounts. Your CU balance may be high enough to <br />wove the monthly service ~hazges vn one o;~these-accounts., Trdk to"your banker, call Vb'ells Fargo, or go online to <br /> far details. - `- <br />For your reference, the terms and conditions that will apply to your account upon renewal, are printed on the back of <br />this notice. We appreciate your business. Thank you for banking with Wells largo. <br />Members FDIC <br />