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TATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERAL$ AND GEOLOGY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman SL, Room 215 C O L O RA D O <br />Denver <br />Colorado 80203 D I v t s t o N o f <br />, <br />Phone: (303) 8663567 M I l~l & A L S <br />FAX: (303) 832-8106 ~C G E O L O G Y <br /> <br />TO: First National Bank of the Rockies C~~`~~ <br />8 ~ <br />6 RECLAMATION•MININL <br />UFETY•SCIENCE <br />504 Main St. APR <br /> <br /> <br />P <br />O <br />B <br />600 <br />p~ <br />~? p~ <br />~i <br />Bill Owens <br />. <br />ox <br />. W <br />visfoo ol Governor <br />Meeker CO 816410600 %fnt <br />`'h~:„, Russell George <br /> '~=r- Executive Director <br /> Ronald W. Cattany <br />DATE: Apnl 1, 2004 Division Director <br /> Natural Resource Trustee <br />FROM: Ms. Jill McLemore <br />Budget Analyst <br />SUBJECT: Verification of Certificates of Deposit <br />In order for our Division to insure that Certificates of Deposit held by us are still valid, in good standing, and <br />continue to meet requirements of the Division and the State of Colorado, we are requesting the following <br />information. It would be appreciated if you could provide this information to us by May 3rd. <br />The following is a list of certificates for our agency under the given Public Deposit Protection Act Number <br />that are on deposit in your institution. Please verify the account number, face value, enter the balance and <br />indicate whether or not the CD is assigned to the State of Colorado. <br />Division of Minerals and Geology Public Deposit Protection Act Number: <br />If you have any questions, please contact Suzi Ericksen at 303-866-4920. <br />D'Aun Mangus and LaTonne Mangus M1978221 $4,000.00 (.~ Yes No <br />Natural Soda, Inc. M1999051 $42,863.00 / ~ <br />~ <br />e <br />~o <br />7/ (~(pJ. <br />Monument Rock LLC M2000091 $20,000.00 '~ <br />'j <br />^ <br />'~`jC>~.C3U Ygsv/ No <br />If the collateral is held by someone other than your financial institution, please so indicate. <br />In addition, I(we) certify that our financial institution is an Eligible Public Depository as required by Title 11 of the <br />Colorado Revised Statutes. <br />Name of Financial Institution: J--~ - ~. r I ~:,y'~,~'~-~~ l~~'~~TC:.~ <br />Person Submitting the Information: ~ :{1 ~(1~' ~>"~. c. <br />Title of Preparers C_t.(~ h(l -" _ ~ cfL-~ <br />Telephone Nuiriber of Prepazer:r'j ? - X78" ~7 <br />Date of Confirmation: - 7 -~"`.~ <br />Office of Office of Colorado <br />Mined Land Reclamation Active and Inactive Mines Geological Survey <br />