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~ iii iuiiiiiniu iii - <br />~,; <br />~irst City National Bank Houston <br />International Division, Letters of Credi[ Sec [ion <br />P.O. Box 2557. Houston, Texas 77001 <br />Swift Adtlress: FCNBUS 44A/Phone (7131 6586722/Telex Na. ITT 4620034 <br />AMENDMENT NUM9ER C1 TO <br />LETTER GF CREDIT .JO M -E .354 <br />IRREVOCABLE STANDBY CP. EDIT <br />DATE OF TFIIS AMENDMENT APR 19, 1985 <br />APPLICANT: <br />DORCHESTER COAL COMPANY AND <br />DOR HETER MASTER LIMITED <br />PARTNERSHIP <br />5735 PINELAND DRIVE <br />DALLAS, TEXAS 75`[31 <br />ADVISING BANK: <br />(DIRECT TO BENEFICIARY) <br />BENEFICIARY: <br />STATE OF COLORPDU <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION ~OnRD <br />4Z3 CeNTENNIAL BLDG.,1313 SHERi•iNIJ <br />DENVER, COLORADO 8U'[u3 <br />ATTN:'DAVID C. SHELTGN <br />THIS AMENDMENT IS TO BE CONSIDERED <br />P.S PART OF 1"HE ABOVE MENTIONED <br />CREDIT .AND MUST BE ATTACHED THERETO. <br />THE ABOVE MENTIONED CREDIT IS AMENDED AS FOLLOWS <br />THPT PORTION UNDER DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENT NO, 1 READING: "^+INING <br />PERMIT N0.79-39UG/C" I5 CHANGED TO READ: "MINING PERMIT N0. 79-5U UG". <br />ALL OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS REMAIN UNCHANGED. <br />THC A60VE '1ENTIONED CRtDIT IS SUBJECT TO THE UNIFORM CUSTOMS AND PRaCTICE <br />FOR DOCUMENTARY CREDITS (1933 REVISION, INTERNATIONF.L CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, <br />PARIS, FRANCE PUBLICATION N0. 400) <br />AUTHORIZED SIGNATURES <br />rr*~**rr***r~***r,tr,k*+~,r*,r**++**~**,r*t+*~+**r**+*+*+,t***~***+r+r,r+,t*,r*****rr:r,r~+ <br />A~~ :~:~ ~~135 <br />Foam No. eoas~ ORIGINAL <br />