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•~s - . ~t. <br />• ^ nv sss <br />c ~.,f <br />OFtG\~;r';pp`~^ ` 7~~ SURETY RIDER <br />To beatt9ch to}aAd/form a part of <br />o-~,t~_„ /O~ <br />6Typc~6f Bo d: Coal Reclamation Bond <br />Bond No.: U629964-A <br />Executed By: Mountain Coal Company <br />And By: United Pacific Insurance Company <br />F~~E ~y <br />-..-,. _ .. , _ n <br />SEP 2 3 1`97 /tJ~ <br />O~.~G~/Ikc,2c <br />Civisian of l~iC~r3d o vcu,c9y <br />In Favor Of: State of Colorado and the United StateslOffice of Surface Mining <br />Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) <br />In consideration of the mutual agreements herein contained the Principal and the Surety hereby consent to <br />amending the following: <br />Penal Sum of the Bond <br />From: Five Million Seven Hundred Thottsattd (55,700,000.00) <br />To: Ten Million Two Hundred Thousand (510,200,000.00) <br />AND <br />Add Reliance Insurance Comoanv as Co-Surety <br />The following are the Surety Companies' liability limits: <br />Reliance Insurance Company 56,200,000.00 <br />United Pacific insurance Company 54,000,000.00 <br />Nothing herein contained shall vary, alter or extend any provision or condition of this bond except as herein <br />expressly stated. <br />This rider is eBective Aueust 13. 1997 <br />Signed and Sealed Seutember 4. 1997 <br />SURETY: ~ <br />United ific Insuran Company <br />~ ~ ~ <br />By: us <br />Victoria Voorhees, Attorney-in-Fact <br />PRRJCIP t <br />Mouut ' oal C p <br />By. <br />,ichael a. DeGenri Chairmal <br />ACCEPTED. <br />ICHAEL B. LO DIRECTO <br />STATE OF COLO <br />By: <br />Voorhees. Attorney-in-Fact <br />