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.' <br />- t ~~ <br />® CONTINUATION CERTIFICATE <br />~ FIDELITY OR SURETY <br />BONDS/POLICIES <br />_`` <br />RcCEIVED ~ ~IIII~II~II~~I~~~I~ - <br />,IAN 2 21997 THE AETNA CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPAN <br />FARMINGTON CASUALTY COMPANY <br />Hartford. Connecticut 06156 <br />Ulvisi0n vi rvuuerGis b U6010gy <br />In Consideration of ---One Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty-four and No/100--- <br />the tens of Bond/Policy No. 81 S 100240266 BCA in the amount of x142, 700.00 <br />on behaH of Colorado Aggregate Company of New Mexico, Inc. <br />infavorof Deepaz'tment of Natural Resources, Mined Land Reclamation Bond <br />in connection with Mesita Hill Mine, Permit No. M-77-227 <br />Dollars renewal premium <br />issue. <br />is hereby eMended to February 25, 1998 subject to all the covenants and condftions of said bond/policy. <br />This certificate is designed to extend only the I'rfe of the borxUpolicy. h does not increase the amount which may be payable <br />thereunder. The aggregate liability of the Company under the said borxf/policy together with this certificate shall be exactly the <br />same as, and no greater than it would have been, it the said bond/policy had originally been written to expire on the date t0 <br />which it is now being extended. <br />Signed, sealed and dated (enter bebw) <br />January 20, 1997 <br />® THE AETNA CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY <br />^ FARMINGTON CASUALTY COMPANY <br />gy ~d~°-~-t" <br />C la Holt Anomey-in-Fxt <br />F-59-M (2-91) <br />