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<br />v~~sA~r?,x III III I IIIII III \~ ~ ~ ~ `~ ~ <br />WOODLAND PARR BRANCH sss IIII 1 ' r..o~.e~zznv <br />719-687-3012 sozzz-ass <br />IL~LIL~~~d~Ilh~~~~IL~d~L~LhI.J~~Ih~~dL~lh~d~ll AFC <br />JACK G QUINN F/~ <br />MINE CLAIM RECLAMATION /(/ FQ <br />STONE FORGE o; .. MN as <br />1313 SHERMAN 5T STE 215 ~S~onv~ 19gg <br />DENVER CO 80203-2243 nei~& <br />G~~Y <br />- - -Certificate Renewal Notice - <br />Dear Valued Customer: <br />Your certificate of deposit is scheduled to mature soon. This certificate will renew on the <br />maturity date at the then prevailing rate if not redeemed. The renewal rate is not available <br />before the maturity date. Information about your certificate is provided below: <br />Today's Date: 06/ 11 / 1999 <br />Certficate Account Number: <br />Issue Rate: 5.400 <br />Issue Date: 07/03/ 1992 <br />Maturity Date: 07/03/ 1999 <br />Redemption Value: 5.000.00 <br />Nett Maturity Date: 07/03/2000 <br />Please read the disclosure on the back of this notice for important information regarding this <br />account. <br />Thank you for banking with Vectra Bank Colorado. If you have any questions concerning <br />your account, please contact a Customer Service Representative at (800) 232-8948. <br />Vectra Bank Colorado <br />A 9u6.idi.ry of Ziau Bwcerpar.tiev. Mam6.r PDIC <br />