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, . <br /> <br />~II II~II~II~~I~~ ~I~ <br />sss <br />December 23, 1994 <br />Tom Farmer <br />P.O. Box 84 <br />Redvale, Colorado 81421 <br />Dear Tom: <br /> <br />Enclosed is a copy of a letter that I received from State of <br />Colorado regarding the Certificate of Deposit in the amount of <br />$12,000.00. They are requesting that you sign the Financial <br />Warranty and have }'our signature notarized, also you will need to <br />sign the Signature Card for the CD and write in your SS# or TAX ID <br /># for interest purposes. <br />Please come in to the Bank as soon as possible so we can complete <br />these requirements and we can mail them back to the State. <br />Sincerely, <br />Joanne M. Sayers <br />Executive Secretary <br />lJ -i"~ ~, <br />Enclosure <br />;,( / f~ .. <br />} ,, -,. <br />r 1' <br />