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ichard D. Lamm <br />Governor <br />III IIIIIIIIIIIII III <br />999 <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />David H. Getches, Executive Director <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION <br />DAVID C. SHELTON, Director <br />July 18, 1985 <br />Mr. Joe Carpine <br />Twin Pines Investment Limited Partnership <br />P.O. Box 2059 <br />Canon City, CO 81212 <br />DIVISIO N <br />RE: Bond Release Twin Pines Mine Tipple - File No. C-058-83 <br />Dear Mr. Carpine: <br />In response to Linda Carestia's letter of June 6, 1985, and the Division's <br />response on July 8, 1985, the Division is enclosing your Certificate of <br />Deposit No. 4080 for $2,500.00 since it has been replaced by Certificate of <br />Deposit No. 581898. <br />If you have any questions, please contact me. <br />Sincerely, <br />Gregg R~uire <br />Reclamation Specialist <br />GRS/sjv <br />Enclosure <br />2097E <br />423 Centennial Building, 1313 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203 Tel. (303) 866-3567 <br />