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V1-Iq~'1- 03~t <br />RECEIVED <br />JUL, 011004 <br />Divlaion of Minerals and Geology <br />INTEREST HAS BEEN PAID FROM YOUR TIME CERTIFICATE <br />IN THE AMOUNT LISTED BELOW TO YOUR SAVINGS <br />ACCOiJNT . <br />INTEREST LAST CURRENT NEXT ACCOUNT <br />AMOUNT INTEREST BALANCE INTEREST NUMBER <br />12.89 6/28/04 7600.00 7/28/04 <br />WYATT REDI MIX ASSIGNED TO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION BOARD <br />1313 SHERMAN ST <br />DENVER CO 80203 <br />NOTE NO - <br />C/D DESC - <br />YTD INT - <br />PAID TO - <br />CERTIFICATE <br />76.01 <br /> <br />AS OF - 06-25-04 <br />-- IN'TEREST'-NOTICE - -- <br />