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m - ,47~-~7y ~ <br />RECE!\/ED <br />CNA SURETY CORPORATION / NOV 15 2004 / F:OV ~i 5 eau r <br />P. O. Box 17369 J70375 Park Meadows Drive, Suite 300 <br />Littleton, CO 80124 Divisioq of Minerals and GeoloaY Di~,isi^n of F:.inerals>t: Gsc:G;~y <br />Surety Bond Cancellation Notice / <br />Via Certffied Mail <br />7002 0860 0005 4030 4997 <br />Date: 1 111 212 0 0 4 <br />State of Colorado <br />Mined Land Reclamation Div. <br />Dept. of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman Street, R. 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />RE: PRINCIPAL <br />BOND NUMBER: <br />AMOUNT OF BOND; <br />TYPE OF BOND: <br />CanceflationHfective: a~ f~ <br />Southwestern Redi-Mix/ <br />Fred H. McKinney DBA <br />P.O. Box 595 <br />Naturita, CO 81422 <br />141968417 / <br />$18,10.00 <br />Reclamation Bond, Permit .77-474 <br />Williams Inc. Pit <br />Notice is hereby given of the cancellation of this Company's Suretyship on behalf of <br />Southwestern Redi-Mix for Eighteen Thousand, Eight Hundred Ten and nol100 ............... <br />($18,810.00) Dollars under bond number 141968417 originally issued on or about February 24, <br />1989. <br />This cancellation is to take effect 90 days after receipt of this notice, in accordance with the terms <br />of the said suretyship, <br />.c <br />Continental Casualty Company <br />- - (Surety) <br />Va erie Williams, Attorney-in-Fact <br />