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ECTRA$ANK <br />catoseno <br />SOUTI IWF-,ST <br />303-486-0900 <br />RECEIVED <br />MAY 0 8 2002 <br />Diuisiun of Minerals and Geology <br />Poec Office Boa 22479 <br />Lknven CO 80222-D479 <br />M-~ qg3"033 <br />n„i,u,,,„i.m,,,,,u,,,hir,i,i,i„i„u,,,,ul,u,.,i,n <br />ALBERT FRET AND SONS INC <br />ASSIGNED TO THE STATE <br />OF COLORADO MLRB <br />1313 SHERMAN ST STE 215 <br />DENVER CO 80203-2243 <br />Advice of Credit <br />Dear Valued Customer: <br />We have credited your account for interest earned on your certificate. This is a monthly <br />interest payment. Information about your certificate is provided below: <br />Today's Date: <br />Certificate Account Number: <br />Interest Earned This Period.• <br />Interest Credited To Account: <br />Interest Payment Date: <br />Certificate Balance: <br />Interest Rate: <br />Last Interest Payment Date: <br />Issue/Renewal Date: <br />Certificate Term: <br />Next Scheduled Maturity Date: <br />Thank you for banking with Vectra Bank <br />05/04/2002 <br /> <br />138.82 <br /> <br />05/o9/zooz <br />75,000.00 <br />2.250 <br />04/09/2002 <br />12/09/1999 <br />012 MONTH <br />12/09/2002 <br />:olorado. If you have any questions <br />Vectra Bank Colorado <br />A Subaidfary of Z:vv Bavcorporariov, Member FDIC <br />