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--~. - - <br />~~II~~I~~I~~~~~II~~ <br /> STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 D I V I S I O N O F <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Phone: 13031 866-3567 <br />MINERAL S <br />FAk~. (303) 832-8106 & <br /> GEOLOGY <br /> R E C L A M A T I O N <br /> MINING•SAFETY <br />December 13, 1999 <br /> Bill Owens <br />Mr. Albert R. Frei Governor <br />Albert Frei & Sons <br />1n C. Greg E Watcher <br />, <br />11521 Bn~1Wn Rd. Executive Director <br /> <br />1'lefldelSDl Michael B. Long <br />Division Director <br />Re: Pit No 5, Permit No. M-1977-011, Financial Warranty Replacement and Release of Deed of Trust <br />Dear Mr. Frei: <br />The Division of Minerals and Geology is in receipt of your replacertlmt Financial Warranty Certificate of <br />Deposit No. from the Vectra Bank Colorado, in the amount of $b1,200.00, whidr replaces your <br />Financial Wartarrty and Conditional Promissory Note for the Use Wrth Deed of Tmst in the amount of <br />$32,000.00. The Financial Wartanty and Conditional Promissory Note for the Use With Deed of Tnust is <br />released m its entirety and is enclosed herewith. <br />Due to the release of this Financial Warranty and Conditional Promissory Note for Use Wrth Deed of Trust all <br />sites under the Deed of Trust to Secure Financial Warranty or Warranties Future Advances, in the amount of <br />$396,000.00, filed August 4, 1994, Reception No. 00014681, Book 4386, Page 0700-0704, and Am®ded Deed <br />of Tmst to Secure Financial Warranty or Warranties Future Advances, filed May 20, 1997, Receptim No. <br />C0282174, Book 5011, Page 0135-0140, are hereby released in their entirety and are enclosed herewith. <br />If we can be of further assistance please advise. <br />Sincerely, <br />~~~- <br />Barbara D. Chiappa ~ ~ <br />Minerals Division Pt d gEN <br />4 • Gort <br />y .GOn <br />d •Pnn <br />N Parl <br />Enclosure ;, .An: <br />> per <br />CERTIFfED MAII,1` r ' ea <br />Return Receipt Baguet 0 s. lI <br />ce: Carl B. Mount E <br />u <br />M~rBDQ7F1.1PA4M'-0S M19770. <br />3 <br />T <br />1 andor 2 for additional semcas. that we can return this <br />3, 4a, and 4b. 01 this form so <br />and address on the reverse <br />i to the Iron1 of the madpiece, or on the back 11 spate does not <br /> uested• On the matlp~ece below the aNde num er. <br />7eoe~p the article was delivered and the date <br />ceiPl will show 1o whom 4a, Articl <br />ire~f ~ ~ ~ Z^~; <br />Mr Albers R Frei <br />Albert Frei & Sons Inc <br />11521 Brighton Rd <br />Henderson CO 80640 <br />pg Form <br />1994 <br />1 also wish to receive the <br />ices (for an <br />, <br />lollowin9 serv <br />extra reel: <br /> <br />~ Addressee s Address <br />t <br />u <br />•Z <br />, <br />^ Restricted Delivery <br />p N <br />. <br />Consult postmaster p <br />V <br />d'pegistered-'- <br />- ~ ^ Express Mail <br />Return Receipt for Mercha <br />7. Date of Delivery <br />y <br />8. Address S' a ~ldress (On <br />and fee P <br />,o•~ses~ pomestic F <br />~~ <br />lti[Certifled <br />./D'~Insured c <br />^ coo <br />~~ 3 <br />_ o <br />T <br />y if req c <br />