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une 27, 2003 <br />~19 ~~1'~l~~ki ~a . <br />~4 a <br />,'~ ~.~__ <br />1515 Santa b~ lirh-~:; • Pn~:blo, F <br />(719) 543-0763 • b_AF. (71u~ 543-07F,S <br />State; of Colorado / <br />Mined Land Reclamation Boazd,/ <br />215 Centennial Building <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Denver, Colorado 80230 <br />Gentlemen: <br />JUL ~ i 2003 ~ <br />Division of Minerals ;nd Geology <br />Centennial Bank of Blende hereby extends the expiration of its Irrevocable Letter of <br />Credit , m favor of the State of Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Boazd for the <br />account of Western Nutrients, Inc., and in the amount of $20,600.00, to June 23, 2003. <br />All other terms and conditions of Irrevocable Letter of Credit , shall remain the <br />same. <br />CENTENNIAL BANK OF BLENDE <br />WESTERN NUTRIENTS, INC. <br />iNT <br />AGREED TO: DATE 7127/03 <br />R.G. SCREWS, PRESIDENT <br />AGREED TO: DATE 7/27/03 <br />ALVA O. FREEMAN, VICE PRESIDENT <br />f~'~, "7'~(~j;~~tl °~' <br />