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: <br />~~~ I~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ <br />999 <br />Carol DiDrio <br />Assistant Vice President <br />February 9, 1996 <br />FREMONTBANK <br />r~~rr=i~~~n Fremont National Bank <br />of Canon City <br />FEB 12 1996 71g 275 3i344Colo rado 81212 <br />FAX 719 275-8991 <br />Uiviaion o~ mmerais rx lieoloyy <br />Deborah L Mulloy <br />State of Colo/Mined Land Reclamation Board <br />1313 S}>erman Street,ROOm 215 <br />Denver, CO. 80203 <br />Dear Ms. Mulloy: <br />Per our telephone conversation February 9, 1996, please find <br />enclosed Certificate of Deposit #592-337 in the amount of <br />$22,660.00. I have mailed a cashier check to Mr. Reed for <br />$31,559.97. I have also enclosed a Deposit Agreement for Mr. <br />Long to sign and return to me in the enclosed self addressed <br />envelope. <br />Please let me know if you should have any further questions. <br />My phone number is 719-275-3344. <br />Thank you for your assistance. <br />Sincerely, <br />Carol DiOrio <br />Assistant Vice President <br />