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~=~~~~ III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <br />~- .. : ~:.; 999 <br />~.~'6 <br />OF COLORADO <br />Roy Ramer. Governor <br />• _ <br />~, ~ <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />FRED R. BANTq~.Dlrsc:or . <br />~a~;~Pw'~' ~` r.~ COAL RECLAtMTION BOND <br />~~G~~~~N~9 ~ t., ' . FOR USE ~ D•~A ~, M ,y ~ e 0 DEPOSIT <br />ri <br />Pe it No. C-81-018 <br />K`JO'd ALL ME'J BY THESE PRESENTS, That <br />R <br />ma i~o 5 1991 <br />Mined Land <br />Reclamation Division <br />Western Fuels-Utah, Inc. <br />or the county or f in me Mate or rod as <br />Principal (hereinar er rincipa whether one ar mare rin ipa s is held <br />hereby and firmly bound unto the State of Colorado ,(j`S a to") and the <br />United States/Office of Surface Mining Reclamation ~l forcement (OSMRE), in <br />the sum of _ and four hundred <br />Pinhty Wino and nniioo ~Ly- (I~R2,489.00 ) <br />for payment or wnicn sum, we!! ana trul, <br />binds itself and its successors and ass <br />d h d t t a held by the rate as .,urety the <br />p rf <br />n <br />'s <br />N th <br />gati ns <br />WHEREAS, the Princi al has applied fora pernit to conduct mining and <br />reclamation operations o certain lands in Rio Blanco County, Colorado <br />which, for convenience f reference, are descrioea as nor aws: <br />Bank of <br />-7"the Bank° <br />mated <br />Februar 26 , 1991 , payab! t State~o~ coloraao mined land <br />ec amation oars an Um tea States ~ E,n thld amount <br />of twenty-two thousand four undr ei ty ~ar5 ($ 22,489.00 ) <br />Principal has caused Rio Bla <br />Ran el , <br />to issue its erti ~cate or Deposit* <br />an as a iverea i o <br />Surety") for •the fai thf <br />obligations to the Sta a <br />The Bank is not a par y to <br />its Certificate of Deposi <br />qualifies the Bank's obli <br />SeefExhibit A" <br />* Certificate of Deposit must be negotiable, payable to State of Colorado and <br />United States/OS;dRE and, unless the issuer waives the right to refuse <br />payment prior to maturity, must have a maturity date not mare than one year <br />after date of issue. <br />a e b Principal of the Principal's <br />nit /OSMRE evidenced by this band. <br />green it obligations are set forth in <br />ing in is instrument diminishes or <br />under its Certificate of Deposit. <br />by tie a presents. <br />2i8 Centennial Building, t3~3 Sherman Street Denver. Ccicradc 80203.2273 Tel. (303) 860.3567 <br />